Paige for
Life Sciences

Harness Computational Pathology To Expedite Pipeline and Portfolio Success


Paige’s industry-leading technical, scientific, and regulatory expertise enable the progression and success of pipeline programs by informing biomarker strategy, patient stratification, and treatment decisions.

Develop and Deploy

  • Biomarkers

    Create a Differentiated Biomarker for Pipeline and Portfolio Products

    Paige brings the latest computational pathology technology developed with proprietary data for custom development programs so our partners can:

    • Fast-track the biomarker discovery process to support pipeline programs.
    • Discover novel biomarkers.
    • Create consistent digital analogues to existing biomarker assays.
    • Characterize tissue to inform clinical trial design.
  • Access

    Enable Anytime,
    Anywhere Access 

    The FullFocus viewer is FDA-cleared and CE-marked. It was designed to deploy new algorithms at scale, which allows for rapid distribution of novel biomarkers to expedite enrollment and assist in identifying treatment pathways and trial options — all while enabling seamless anytime, anywhere access for pathologists and research teams.   

Collaborations and Case Studies

  • Case Study


    Paige collaborated with Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen) to develop the ability to automate the difficult and time-consuming task of assessing tissue samples from residual prostate tumors following neoadjuvant treatment with androgen deprivation therapy and androgen receptor antagonists.

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Paige Platform and Computational Pathology Products for Research

Paige’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked viewer facilitates remote global collaboration between our life sciences partners, their contract research organizations, and their clinical trial sites.

Paige’s computational pathology products help to enable standardized detection and quantitation of tumors pre-or post-treatment to inform appropriate treatment and trial options for each patient at the point of care.