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Paige Platform


A comprehensive enterprise imaging solution that is inclusive of a viewer and storage capabilities and is compatible with existing digital pathology solutions, including most scanners, monitors, and laboratory information systems (LIS).

  • FullFocus™


    FullFocus™ is an intuitive, responsive, FDA-cleared, CE-marked viewer for primary diagnosis. FullFocus is designed for pathologists to further leverage computational pathology products as they become available for clinical use.

  • Data Management


    A storage solution that is secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

  • Benefits

    • A pathologist-centric user experience.
    • Fast performance to load and view digital slides. 
    • Access to digital slides for multiple users from any internet-enabled location.*  
    • Ready to deliver computational pathology products. 
    • Secure, scalable, and highly available storage. 
    • Cost-effective and with no upfront capital expenses.  
    • Fast to deploy and minimal ongoing maintenance needs.  
    • Designed for interoperability with most scanners, monitors, and LIS.
​*Per CMS guidelines, remote review is possible during the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency

Digital Diagnostics

Diagnostic that aim to provide pathologists with AI-powered workflows to increase the number of cases that can be reviewed in the same time, with greater confidence and accuracy.

  • Available outside the U.S.

    Paige Prostate Clinical (CE-IVD)

    A prostate cancer solution that detects, grades and quantifies areas suspicious for cancer.

  • Available outside the U.S.

    Paige Breast Clinical (CE-IVD)

    A breast cancer solution that detects areas suspicious for cancer.

Research Products*

AI-enabled research products that identify areas of interest and help researchers quantify more efficiently and objectively. 

  • Available in the U.S.

    Paige Prostate Research  

    A prostate cancer solution that identifies, grades and quantifies areas of interest.   

  • Available in the U.S.

    Paige Breast Research  

    A breast cancer solution that identifies areas of interest.  

*For Research Use Only – Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures

The FullFocus viewer is an amazing tool which we use for annotations in research projects – easy to handle and very effective!

Werner Kempf, MD

Partnerships & Case Studies

  • Partnership


    Philips, a global leader in health technology, and Paige, a leader in computational pathology, team up to deliver computational pathology products to pathology laboratories. These products, starting with Paige Prostate, aim to help pathologists identify, quantify, and characterize cancer in tissue samples and make precise diagnoses more efficiently.

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  • Case Study

    Grupo Oncoclinicas

    In a research investigation, Paige Prostate Clinical (CE-IVD) was shown to improve pathologists' sensitivity when reviewing digitized H&E prostate needle biopsy images with a minor impact on specificity. The results, which showed Paige Prostate Clinical's (CE-IVD) slide-level sensitivity was 98.9% and its specificity was 93.3% were published by ASCO20.

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