AI Engineer, Paige.AI, Inc.

New York, New York, United States

Paige is a technology company helping pathologists, oncologists and clinicians make faster, more informed diagnostic and treatment decisions in cancer, through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We are uniquely positioned to do this by mining decades of data from the world’s experts in cancer care and are now leading in the digital transformation in cancer pathology and diagnostics.

Paige is the first company to develop clinical grade AI tools for the pathologist, which resulted in our receiving FDA breakthrough designation for our first product. Paige has also received FDA-clearance for our digital viewer, FullFocus™ and recently, CE-IVD clearance in Europe and UK for our diagnostic AI in prostate and breast cancer.  We have also established multiple relationships with biopharma, laboratory and equipment manufacturers that enables Paige to develop a full solution for busy laboratories, ready to help patients receive better diagnoses and treatment.

We are seeking an AI Engineer to join our team. 

Product development:

  1. Implement deep learning algorithms on GPUs for prediction, segmentation and grading of cancer in collaboration with pathologists and computer scientists.
  2. Work closely with the rest of the team to plan, develop, train and test machine learning models and product features for the purposes of computational pathology.
  3. Validate and test trained deep learning models on large scale clinical pathology image data. This includes the development of a validation strategy and definition of reasonable accuracy measures.
  4. Deliver validated machine learning modules with a standardized interface that can be integrated or used by other systems.
  5. Optimize and compile machine learning modules for efficiency, speed, and usability.
  6. Use engineering best practices and tools (e.g. source code repository, etc.) to maintain, version and deploy models and associated source code.
  7. Contribute to the whole product development life cycle from high uncertainty experimentation to deployment in production and maintenance.

Representation of Paige:

  1. Contribute to basic and applied research on topics that are related to Paige’s work.
  2. Stay informed and current on industry engineering practices, study, research and other relevant work within the fields of computer science and machine learning.

Minimum Requirements:  

A Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science or a similar field plus one year of experience in a software engineering-related occupation.

Experience must include the following, which may have been gained concurrently:

  • 1 year of industry experience with Python development or with another object oriented language;
  • 1 year of industry experience running models with deep learning frameworks, including PyTorch or Tensorflow;
  • 1 year of industry experience evaluating and iteratively improving deep learning algorithms through experimentation;
  • 1 year of industry experience with tooling that supports or accelerates machine learning development, including experiment tracking tools; and,
  • 1 year of industry experience leveraging cloud technology, including AWS, Azure or Google Compute.

Job site: 11 Times Square, Floor 37, New York, NY, 10036. Full-time.